new and used commercial laundry equipment
new and used commercial laundry equipment

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At Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment, we are a full service laundry equipment company.

From your washing machines to your boilers, Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment is your first call!


Here are just a few examples of our customers.

  • Coin Laundries
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Multi-Housing Apartments
  • College and Universities
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Fire Departments
  • Spas/Salons
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Correction Institutions
  • Pet Groomers, Veterinary clinics, and even Dairy Farmers


   We are here to help you regardless of repair or a replacement! 

We provide laundry and drycleaning equipment service work and equipment installations regularly in the following areas:

Bloomington, Champagin, Danville, DecaturGalesburg, JacksonvilleLincoln, Mattoon, MortonPekinPeoria, Pontiac, Springfield, Washington.



 Our service area spans from Quad Cities Area of Rockford Illinois, Davenport Iowa, Bettendorf Iowa, and Moline Illinois to Indianapolis Indiana and all the way down around St. Louis Missouri

At Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment, we have a list of advantages that we can offer to help you thrive in the laundry business. Aside from the years of site and business plan development experience for laundromat and drycleaning, we carry the industries best equipment for sale, and our service department and experienced parts counter are waiting to offer you any technical assistance you may need. We tackle any commercial laundry job and have years upon years of experience on our team.   From total rebuilds of equipment, to boiler inspections, to the installation of new equipment- large or small! 




We stock over 10,000 parts for Speed Queen, ISPO, Unipress, RBI, and many others.

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Our factory trained Service Technicians are standing by to help get your machinery back up and running.


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Hermes will buy your used laundry and dry cleaning equipment. We have a team of professional rebuild technicians that can provide customers with quality used pieces of equipment for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Contact us Monday - Friday at 1-800-851-9939 



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Improving The Laundry Machine

Springfield Illinois Large Hotel Laundry Renovation

Sep 2, 2014
The Abraham Lincoln/Double Tree Hotel in Springfield Illinois recently went through a major laundry renovation. There was substantial planning done between the Horve Property Management group and Hermes Commercial Laundry to make sure the needs were met within budget and timeline.

Here is an equipment breakdown that went into the facility. The washing capacity went as follows: Four 135lb IPSO Softmount Washer-Extractors, One 55lb IPSO Softmount washer-extractor, One small chassis IPSO topload washer. Here is the drying equipment mix: Two 170lb IPSO Tumble-Dryers, One 120lb IPSO Tumble-Dryer, One 75lb IPSO Tumble Dryer, One IPSO small Chassis frontload dryer. Room dimensions were the causation for the dryer mix vs. washer mix obviously matching laundry demand for the hotel. There is also a large B&C Technologies 24' IS Ironer matched with a PS Folder Stacker.

Hermes was able to complete the old hotel laundry demo and reinstallation within 3 days, start up was on day 4. Hermes was also able to provide the hotel with access to our drycleaning and Laundromat partners in Springfield to have special hours in the morning for hotel staff to process some of their linens to avoid total downtime. This is a huge added benefit in working with a partner in laundry like Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment. Stay tuned for pictures and video of the equipment to come...
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Finding Profits in Laundry

Jul 17, 2014
Building a profitable laundry is not a hard thing to do with a few exercises in discipline and hard work. Have you ever driven into an area and a bright, well lit, well placed Laundromat with attractive machinery inside buzzing with business caught your eye followed by the thought "I need to be in this laundry business". You talk to a few friends that know of or have been around people in the industry and your excitement continues to grow. You are sold on the idea that owing a Laundromat is a low risk, low effort and easy way to make the long term big bucks! Right?.. well possibly.

There is no doubt that there is good money to be made in the laundry industry if done properly. It really helps if you work with a reliable and distinguished company in the industry like Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment. Companies like Hermes Equipment can help you quickly and efficiently side step common traps in the start up business or when buying an existing laundry. There are a handful of critical questions that need to be asked before buying. Most laundry equipment companies worth their salt have generations of experience in purchasing the right equipment, designing the right layouts, developing the proper laundry business plan and so on. However just like the attractive well lit Laundromat you saw buzzing with sound of quarters dropping into machines, there are run down pitiful profit sucking Laundromats just around the corner. This is no different than many professional laundry equipment companies in the market today. Make sure you do your research and look for companies that want to "build lasting relationships" with the people they are in business with. Successful laundry equipment companies are diverse in nature. They will build and design their own stores, run equipment repair services with well trained service technicians, sell and install a few selected brands by choice like Hermes Equipment does with Speed Queen, IPSO, and B&C Technologies.
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