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Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment is proud to announce that we will now be the distributor in Illinois for YAMAMOTO. Known as the "Forever Machine," for more than 60 years, Yamamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been a dynamic player in the laundry equipment industry, building a wide range of durable commercial washer extractors, tumble dryers, and towel folders to meet its customers' changing needs. Contact Deric Davis to find out more about this strong line of equipment!

Hermes Joins Up with

Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment teams up with in June 2014. Check out what can do for you here!!

Spring Open House 2014 was a huge success!!

Our spring open house is always the best time of year to purchase new equipment and take advantage of large factory financing offers. This spring we displayed our new showroom at 205 S. Lee St. in Bloomington Illinois. We have a video recap of the event here. May 15th 2014.


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Planetlaundry feature of Hermes Open house

Planet Laundry will be featuring an article for our upcoming spring open house and unveiling of our new showroom. Check out Planet Laundry here!

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