IPSO’s industrial washers for on-premises laundry applications are heavy-duty strength machines delivering the best industrial performance with proven technology.
Trouble-free operation

IPSO’s commercial washers-exactors for on-premises laundry applications are designed with efficiency in mind for optimum usage and productivity. These commercial washers use a reduced water operation that can help to extend linen life and lower utility costs. The heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and assures a long-lasting washer-extractor. Standard wash programmes have been optimized in order to keep water, detergent and energy consumption to a minimum.


All vital parts have undergone extensive lifecycle testing to ensure the design will endure even in the harshest environments. IPSO’s commercial washers features include an intelligent design to perform continuously in highly industrial environment.

Our product range of on-premises washers includes:


IPSO’s commercial softmount washer-extractors are industrial by design. They are built to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs, and maximize productivity. The heavy-duty construction provides dependable operation and assures your equipment will be in service for years to come.


Hard-mount washer-extractors are secured to the concrete floor, cost significantly less than their soft-mount counterparts and have a proven record of dependability with superior wash results.


The topload washers offer a remarkable spin speed of 1000 RPM, increasing overall laundry efficiency by removing more moisture from loads. 



IPSO commercial frontload washers reduce both hot water usage and total water consumption. The frontload model features a remarkable spin speed of 710 RPM, increasing overall laundromat efficiency by removing more moisture from loads.


IPSO’s wide range of commercial tumble dryers is renowned for its reliability, efficiency and durability. The technology and innovative design behind IPSO’s industrial tumblers makes the drying process as efficient as possible. Users also have a variety of programming options that help saves money on operating costs.Efficient Drying Process

The efficiency of the tumble dryers lie in its perfectly balanced heat, airflow and cylinder design, which translates into the most efficient drying process. This means utility costs are kept low.

Highly-industrial Construction

Thanks to its rugged design and heavy-duty door and hinge, IPSO’s tumble dryers can resists the effects of heavy-use and on-premises damages.

Full Product Range

Whether you need a small capacity dryer that is versatile enough for any on-premises laundry application or a large capacity dryer to make your laundry the most productive it can be, IPSO has you covered thanks to its complete range of industrial tumble dryers.

Efficient operation

Costs are reduced thanks to cleverly thought out features such as the self-cleaning lint screen and self-adjusting belts that helps reducing maintenance costs and ensure the most efficient operation.

IPD 25-55 Series, IPD 50-75 Series IPD 120-170 Series

IPSO's IPD 25, 30, 35,50,55,75,120 and 175 lb drying tumblers are versatile enough to be utilized in a variety of on-premises laundry applications. Axial airflow drying makes them highly efficient.

Simplifying Ownership

Efficient Drying - IPSO tumblers utilize an axial airflow process, which ensures heated air passes through the load at the optimum point in the tumble process. The end result is all heated air is used in the drying process and that means lower utility usage.
Time Savings - A large, self-cleaning lint screen means less cleaning and ensures efficient operation. Self-adjusting belts save time and reduce maintenance costs.
Simple Controls - The OPTimum™ Control is easy to train staff to operate and offers 30 programmable preset drying cycles for greater operating ease. It also delivers flexibility with simple customization of cycles.
Rugged Construction - Tumblers in on-premises laundries receive their share of heavy-use abuse. IPSO's rugged design and heavy-duty door and hinge can take whatever your staff dishes out.
Peace of Mind - Our commitment to you comes with a 3-year parts warranty.
Over-Dry Prevention Technology - Our OPTimumTM control has an option for OPT (Over-dry Prevention Technology) that can save hundreds on utility costs, increase throughput, and extend linen life.
The Bottom Line - It's the balance between airflow, heat and drop that leads to fast and efficient drying.

Because of their efficiency and simple controls, IPSO IPD drying tumblers will have the ultimate impact on your laundry's productivity and bottom line. Put simply, IPSO gets results.


IPSO's stack tumblers perfectly balance heat, airflow and cylinder design, which translates into the most efficient drying process.


IPSO commercial dryers are designed to suit your laundry's specific needs. A large 7.0 cu.ft. cylinder saves time by handling your largest loads and oversized items. 


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