Hermes will Keep your Laundry on going strong!

Hotel and motel

Premium On-Premise Laundry Equipment and Professional Serviceman create an UNBEATABLE combination for keeping our hotel and motel accounts up and running!



Laundromat Build and Desgin

Full array of laundromat and drycleaner equipment. Design and build your own low risk revenue stream. Hermes will help guide the way and provide all the necessary equipment, site locations, and education to allow your new business to thrive.




We are a full service multi-housing company handling leased equipment with service or outright equipment sales.

Enjoy a problem free laundry with Hermes on your side.



Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment is committed to your success!! Our goal is to turn your downtime back into uptime with our experienced service department! Our company offers any capacity washer-extractor, dryer-tumbler, ironers, folders, and stackers. There is no job too big or too small when it comes to laundry equipment.

 We stand behind our equipment and service repairs, while focusing on building lasting relationships and partners within the industry. We have equipment that can outfit ANY SIZE  demand and ANY BUDGET. Be sure to contact us right away for an on-site meeting to discuss ways to save money and improve your current laundry situation!

We Provide Equipment and Service Repairs for:



*Nursing Homes-

*Apartments and multi-housing-

*Institutional Settings-

*Factory Use-


*Doggie Day Cares and Vet Clinics

If it's laundry... we can help!

Speed Queen, IPSO and B&C Technologies

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Your On-Premises Laundry Problems ARE SOLVED!!!

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"Our job is to help create efficiencies in your business.  We are more than happy to consult with you and work together to create the best solution for your success.

 I look forward to your call!"

Mark Wilkins, Owner

Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment

Cell: 309-275-5268





* Flatwork Ironers

* Folder Stackers

* Softmount Washers

* 350G+ High Speed Extracts

* Hardmount Washers

* Up to 475lb Tumble Dryers


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