"We are the world's largest commercial laundry company, with an undeniable history of proven performance and reliability. Laundry owners rely on the practical ingenuity of features designed to make their lives simpler and more productive. Our commercial-grade construction is rugged, dependable and built to last. When you purchase a Speed Queen machine, it means you're investing in a global network that offers comprehensive service and support. We offer an industry-leading finance program that has helped thousands of new and veteran investors achieve their dreams of laundry ownership. Our representatives are true laundry experts, and can help guide you through every aspect of your vended laundry, from initial setup to laundry design, financing, and service and maintenance. We're here for you, no matter what you need. It all adds up to one thing: we offer everything you need to take total control of your vended laundry -- with the most profitable machines in the industry. You can rely on the impeccable craftsmanship and uncompromising commitment to quality that you've come to expect from Speed Queen. We are guided by an independent spirit and are passionate about the performance of our machines. Every day, every cycle, Speed Queen performs."



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"Our job is to help create efficiencies in your business.  We are more than happy to consult with you and work together to create the best solution for your success.

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* Flatwork Ironers

* Folder Stackers

* Softmount Washers

* 350G+ High Speed Extracts

* Hardmount Washers

* Up to 475lb Tumble Dryers


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