Healthcare/Nursing Facilities

At Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment, we understand that providing world-class care is your top priority as a long-term healthcare facility. But as a business, keeping operating costs minimal and staying compliant with government sanitation guidelines are also critical. That is why so many healthcare facilities are looking to Speed Queen and Yamamoto commercial laundry equipment which is built to meet all of those needs.

The Yamamoto & Speed Queen difference
Our washer extractors and tumble dryers significantly reduce costs associated with labor, utilities and linen loss to deliver the industry’s absolute lowest cost of ownership while allowing you to quickly attend to all your residents’ laundry needs. Yamamoto & Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment has all sorts of revolutionary technology to make your linen processing easier and more cost effective, with our state of the art, Galaxy controls and our OPT (overdry protection control) which keeps linens soft and unharmed, Yamamoto & Speed Queen commercial equipment can deliver faster cycle times for reduced utilities and operating hours. Yamamoto & Speed Queen commercial dryers with offer Industry-leading drying times extend linen life and reduce labor by up to an hour per day. Unmatched durability means that your equipment is always ready when you need it, reducing labor costs associated with downtime in your nursing home OPL.

Optimize your laundry room
Hermes Commercial Laundry Equipment. our factory trained knowledgeable staff, is here to help you determine the best layout for your facility, in order to maximize work flow, production and keep your operating costs down. Call today and find out how your next laundry project can be a winning combination, for your healthcare/long term care facility.