The Laundromat industry provides a great opportunity for an individual looking for an essential-business investment where the startup costs are low, has a proven return on investment, low labor costs and can withstand any economic climate.

Laundromats are a great opportunity for someone interested in building one store, to franchising multiple stores, or for the investor looking to purchase an existing store or laundromat franchise. Thanks to revolutionary technology, today’s commercial laundry equipment is loaded with energy saving features and technologically advanced programming, allowing you to run your business your way, and be profitable at the same time. The success of a laundromat investment is possible with the support and guidance of a top leading commercial laundry distributor.


Low Cost

Start up and labor costs are low, creating more value for you down the road



Laundromats are essential businesses. Trust your investment in any economy.


Support Communities

Laundromats support the communities they are in. Earn an ROI beyond a monetary one.

Consider some of the benefits of a coin/card laundry business:

  • It's a cash business with no accounts receivable or inventory.

  • Washing laundry is a repetitive necessity of life like food, clothing and shelter.

  • Labor is minimal. An attendant keeps the store clean and handles the wash/dry/fold service.

  • No special skills are needed to own and operate a coin/card laundry.

  • The coin/card box is a cash register, and you get paid up-front for use of the machines.

  • Since the customer serves themselves, it's easy for you to operate multiple stores.

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